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Teaching Statement--------Student's opinion about my Teaching
My Tabulated Ices Scores This is a collection of quantitative evaluations of my classes by my students. It was done at the end of the semester and I was not present in the classroom.


My passion is to understand and communicate mathematics, and Number Theory in particular. My primary interest is Analytic Number Theory, but this has led me also into the kindred area of Combinatorial Number Theory and lately I have taken some project at the intersection of Algebraic and Analytic Number Theory. Some of the topics I am most involved with so far are related to Sturmian and Beatty sequences, uniform distribution, spectra in general, continued fractions, combinatorial sequences. I also have an interest in Actuarial Science. Research Statement

About Me

I was born in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, where I grew up with my parents and siblings. Siblings? Well, I have lots of them. 10 indeed, to be precise. The Dominican Republic, as you probably know, is famous for its beaches and its baseball players. Well, I am one of those dominicans that decided to spend less time in the beach and in the baseball field, and instead made the visit to the math library a frequent habit. A fulbright scholarship opened the door for my graduate studies at the University of Illinois, at Urbana-Champaign, where I have completed two masters degree and a phd in Mathematics (Number Theory) in the summer 2012. I love reading and cooking. I like indoor and outdoor activities with the purpose of spending time with friends. I have come to like board games (Tichu, Setlers, Power Grid, Seven Wonders, Civilization, Bang, Agricola,). I love spending time with family in outdoor or indoor activities (we go to church, play games at home, watch a movie, go camping or hiking, or find about any way to have fun at home or outside), I love doing community service activities of almost any sort. And of course, I love Baseball, otherwise, I would not be dominican. My favorite baseball teams are the Red Sox and the Dodgers! If you want to, feel free to scrol down and see some nice picture of different places in the Dominican Republic.


Some Dominican Republic Pic's: Beaches and more

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